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The key to ball mastery is repetition and touches. To achieve this, it takes countless hours of deliberate practice. At KNVB TRAINERS we are here to help accelerate players’ development through individual & small group soccer training sessions

Ball Control – Dribbling – Shooting – Passing – Receiving – First Touch – Juggling – Defending – Moves – Speed – Agility-Off the ball movement- Offense- Midfield- Strength

Small group training sessions include elite technical training instruction with a focus on individual skill and technique work with partner and multi-player situational progressions. In addition to individual footwork drills, group training will include 1v1 domination series work, partner passing progressions, and game situation drills.

Within this environment, trainers will address the players’ specific needs and goals. This will be essential for client progress as it will help the player keep track of his/her own goals and improvements while ensuring that trainers are developing each training session specific to individual player needs.

Soccer is a team game, so having that ability to work with others is a must, but also training with a friend and teammate makes the price of each session a little bit cheaper.

If you are interested in small group training sessions, include # of players, and level of each player on our booking form. Our certified trainers will create a training environment that promotes positive habits, personal accountability, relentless work ethic, and progressive goal-setting!

Get the benefit of individualized coaching at a lower price by joining with fellow soccer players! Group sessions provide position specific, technical trainings, and improve decision making in key moments of the game.

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We train at all fields in Nevada
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