Through the game of soccer Diji Foundation helps spread joy, promote peace, and connect local and global communities. Our mission is to put a soccer boot on the feet of every youth player in Africa that wants to play soccer.


A promising and peaceful world so people everywhere can play the world’s game.


Peace Promotion
Soccer has the potential and power for people to play a sport that bridges ethnic prejudices and tensions, promotes reconciliation, and builds community. In a world of violence and insecurity, Diji Foundation believes the game of soccer creates opportunity for a more promising and peaceful future.

Diji Foundation achieves its mission by connecting people with plentiful access to gear to places where gear supplies are limited. By connecting equipment donors to other non-profit agencies and community organizations soccer reaches people and places that would otherwise not have access to the game.

Diji Foundation provides a platform for volunteers to lead personalized community service projects.  Service projects allow young people to learn valuable leadership skills and develop a lifelong service ethic. Diji Foundation thrives because of service projects that continue to inspire friends, family, teammates and communities around the world.

Recycling isn’t just for soda cans. Reusing soccer equipment that would otherwise be thrown away as trash not only helps reduce waste but also makes it possible for “old” gear to be put back into play. Diji foundation is a huge fan of Mother Earth. We can all play a part in treating her right.

Each and every day Diji Foundation is fueled by people across the US and around the world who all share a common passion: Soccer! The world’s beautiful game.

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